SEK 12,650.00 / PC
Item available
  • nominal capacity 260 l, filling capacity about 250 l
  • Piusi 12/24 V pump, battery cables 2 m, flow rate 30 / 50 l/min
  • 4.0 m fuel dispensing hose with aluminium nozzle
  • suction hose with 3/4" ball valve before pump, foot valve and filter
  • length 900 mm
  • width 630 mm
  • height 750 mm
  • weight when empty 25 kg
  • lockable cover
  • dedicated storage space for the fuelling equipment on top of the tank
  • breathing valve to compensate volume changes by temperature
  • filling connection DN100
  • material polyethene
  • not suitable for petrol
  • does not require an ADR license
  • UN/ADR type approved IBC packaging, packing type 31H2, packing group 3
  • lifting from below with forklift

Finncont® expert opinion on the use of the TDG exemption section C:

  • Finncont® fuel tanks are UN/ADR type-approved and tested IBCs. The Finncont® fuel tank is suitable for authorized transport of diesel and fuel oil in all conditions. - a UN/ADR type-approved IBC packaging must be used when transporting fuel in connection with the fuel supply of machinery / equipment that perform contracting / billable work. In this case, the inspection and service life obligations apply. If you feel that you are covered by the exemption in section, eg. private use or do not perform billable work, there is no 2 1/2 year inspection obligation and the 7.5 year service life does not apply. - An unapproved tank has the same status in new condition as Finncont’s tank at the end of its 7.5-year service life. It is not possible to certify an unapproved tank for use in contracting / billing jobs.

ADR provision C exemptions related to the nature of the transport operation:

  • The carriage undertaken by enterprises which is ancillary to their main activity, such as deliveries to or returns from building or civil engineering sites, or in relation to surveying, repairs and maintenance. Maximum quantities of not more than 450 litres per packaging, including intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and large packagings, and within the maximum quantities specified in Measures shall be taken to prevent any leakage of contents in normal conditions of carriage. These exemptions do not apply to Class 7. Carriage undertaken by such enterprises for their supply or external or internal distribution does not fall within the scope of this exemption.
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Package length (cm) 88
Package width (cm) 59.5
Package height (cm) 75
Gross weight (kg) 25.000000
EAN 6418914250703
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